Revolutionary technology for treating back pain, neck and a wide range of ailments through chiropractic spine adjustment and alternative methods to treat spine related issues.

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Digital Spine Analysis(DSA) With Impulse Spine Analyzer

DSA or digital spine analysis is a revolutionary way for chiropractors to pinpoint the area of the spine that is affected in a patient. The Impulse Spine Analysis is an innovative spine function test for the diagnosis of spinal ailments and guides you towards spine treatments without surgery. Pulstar Spine Clinic utilize NASA technology to solve back and neck pain! By combining traditional chiropractic care with the revolutionary, most advanced, precise and patient-friendly technology of chiropractic technology, Pulstar Spine Clinic brings to you for the first time in India, “The spine analyzer”. Digital spine analysis is a non-invasive test in order to measure the functioning of the spine. The DSA is used for quantitative assessment strength, flexibility, and range of motions of the muscles supporting the spine. DSA helps to specifically point towards the area of concern. Pulstar Spine Clinic has become a trusted and preferred clinic for patients suffering from spine related issues.

The Spine Analyser

Spine analyzer utilizes the NASA technology which is a revolutionary way for chiropractors to pinpoint the area of the spine that is affected in a patient and diagnosis of spinal ailments.

Why Choose Us

Most advanced technique to pinpoint the area of the spine that is affected by a patient and treating Back Pain & Neck Pains without surgery

The PulStar directs a slight impulse into the patient’s spine. It records the resistance given back to that force, then displays a graphic representation on the computer screen.

Doctors can analyze the spine and peripheral joints and also adjust them with the same system.

Doctor and patient can see the effects of the treatment on screen. Patients have fewer visits to feeling better. And, improved patient satisfaction generates word-of-mouth referrals.

Multiple Impulse Therapy with the PulStar provides proprioceptive input to the central nervous system to reduce or eliminate pain and restore lymphatic flow.

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