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April 2019

Well, was the spine ever straight? Actually, no! The spinal cord, or what we lovingly call the ‘spine’ has its own natural curves. These bends are meant to absorb stress, caused due to the movement of the body, and also keep the figure balanced when gravity acts on it. But, there are cases when the spine curves more than its natural state, leading to a poor posture, discomfort, pain. There

vertebrogenic disorders or spinal faults are what chiropractors are generally known to treat. But is that all? In reality, spinal manipulations can treat major ailments that are otherwise thought to be caused due to the error of the nerves. Examples could be rather difficult to cite, as there are a lot. A good chiropractor could help treat problems such as sciatica, digestive disorders, migraine, neuralgia, stress and tension, and a

Sciatica pain can be such a great annoyance. It can keep you from things you should do or want to do. You will find yourself minding pain most of the time rather than enjoying what matters in life. Thankfully, we have sciatica home remedies to get rid of this annoying pain.A wide variety of treatment options available for sciatica. These include medications and, usually as a last resort, surgery when

Everybody needs to exercise regularly to enjoy great health. While it might seem not to make a lot of sense, you also need it when you have sciatica. It forms a crucial part of a treatment program for full recovery from pain radiating down the leg. The sciatica exercises are simple and could be performed at home.We discuss here the reasons why sciatica exercises are beneficial. You will also find some

There are both nonsurgical and surgical treatments for sciatica. The symptoms of most patients improve after trying nonsurgical options and home remedies. But, for some others, sciatica nerve surgery is inevitable.What could happen to make your doctor conclude a surgical procedure is the last resort for your pain complaint? And what types of surgery can help to relieve sciatica? Read on to find out.Important Considerations for Sciatica Nerve Surgery Impact on

When talking about nonsurgical treatments for sciatica, exercise and physical therapy for sciatica cannot be overlooked. One may not be wrong to describe them as indispensable. They can help to enhance the flexibility of your back and reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve.You get amazing benefits when you engage in a well-managed program of physical therapy for sciatica and exercises regularly. This can be of immense help in guarding against

Many people can overcome sciatica without any need for a visit to the doctor. The problem can resolve itself within weeks, or even some days. So the sciatica treatment is within your reach.Some other individuals, however, cannot do without seeking the help of a medical professional to overcome it. This is advisable when symptoms show no sign of abating after all you might have done to combat them.There are a

Sciatica is itself a symptom. You can suspect you have it if you observe symptoms that typically come with leg pain. The sciatica symptoms are not the same for all people. They could come in the form of occasional irritation or may be severe and constant.The extent and nature of the symptoms that accompany this problem of the sciatic nerve depend on the specific cause. Sciatica is a common complaint. Some

Sciatica is one of those problems that can produce adverse effects on your quality of life. It is capable of making your favorite activities or pastimes less enjoyable. It gives rise to pain sensation, which differs in severity.Now, it is possible that you have questions on this condition that you have always desired to have answered. In this series, we make an attempt to present everything you may have always

Sciatica is usually a sign of lower back or spinal problems. Knowing the particular sciatica causes will go a very long way in getting it treated effectively.There are several medical issues that can cause this potentially incapacitating pain in the lower part of the body. Sciatica Causes We discuss the most common of these disorders which sciatica causes in this article, along with some other causative and risk factors. Spinal Disc Herniation This is