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Aren’t you aware of the chronic, acute, sub-acute forms of back pain that has either hit you or most of your acquaintances? Thanks to our sedentary, comfortable, deskbound jobs it is more than 80% assured we are to experience some or the other form of back pain, and we don’t even need to wait till our 50s.Trust us when we say that your spine is more expensive to your pocket

Well, was the spine ever straight? Actually, no! The spinal cord, or what we lovingly call the ‘spine’ has its own natural curves. These bends are meant to absorb stress, caused due to the movement of the body, and also keep the figure balanced when gravity acts on it. But, there are cases when the spine curves more than its natural state, leading to a poor posture, discomfort, pain. There

vertebrogenic disorders or spinal faults are what chiropractors are generally known to treat. But is that all? In reality, spinal manipulations can treat major ailments that are otherwise thought to be caused due to the error of the nerves. Examples could be rather difficult to cite, as there are a lot. A good chiropractor could help treat problems such as sciatica, digestive disorders, migraine, neuralgia, stress and tension, and a

Sciatica pain can be such a great annoyance. It can keep you from things you should do or want to do. You will find yourself minding pain most of the time rather than enjoying what matters in life. Thankfully, we have sciatica home remedies to get rid of this annoying pain.A wide variety of treatment options available for sciatica. These include medications and, usually as a last resort, surgery when

Everybody needs to exercise regularly to enjoy great health. While it might seem not to make a lot of sense, you also need it when you have sciatica. It forms a crucial part of a treatment program for full recovery from pain radiating down the leg. The sciatica exercises are simple and could be performed at home.We discuss here the reasons why sciatica exercises are beneficial. You will also find some