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Have You Met the Doctor in You?

Do you have the habit of gulping down painkillers? Or do you rely on excessive yoga to take care of your pain areas? Believe it or not, every one of us has a doctor within who believes they know just as much as a real one!

Actually, there are a few techniques, which when practiced at home, could save a lot of your medical bills. But, what you need to take care of is you do it the right way. From a chiropractic perspective, the right balance of the nervous system and the spine is extremely crucial for reducing pain and to improve functionality. You need to understand that the inactivation or dormancy of the receptors within the muscles and the joints are the major causes of pain. Well, in simpler terms, you need to keep them moving!

The at-home or DIY exercises could heal a lot of problems. For example, you could perform a subluxation with the help of a friend, you could also align your neck, and crack your back, or do an upper back adjustment yourself. These manipulative exercises are not difficult to do, but you need to visit a chiropractor and learn the proper technique before you actually perform them yourself. Otherwise, the end result would not fetch the peace you desired, plus you could bring in added complications.

Minor subluxations could also help heal a mild to a severe headache. Massaging to probe the right trigger points could be done at home to release yourself from sudden attacks of a migraine or headaches caused due to stress. You could request your chiropractor to help you learn the healing therapies so that you could help yourself or a friend in case of an emergency.

We trust the doctor in you already knows about the application of ice and moist heat to reduce pain inflicted inflammations. But, for more teething troubles we recommend you to learn or take a consultation before performing an experiment.

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