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How Expensive is Your Spine is?

Aren’t you aware of the chronic, acute, sub-acute forms of back pain that has either hit you or most of your acquaintances? Thanks to our sedentary, comfortable, deskbound jobs it is more than 80% assured we are to experience some or the other form of back pain, and we don’t even need to wait till our 50s.

Trust us when we say that your spine is more expensive to your pocket than it is to you. If we are to consider just the US alone, back pain charges around $9.5 billion dollars annually, thereby taking this seemingly harmless condition right up to the 9th most expensive ailment! Now, calculate how much it claims from the world over!

Consultation, imaging, medications, and hospitalization are just at the tip of the iceberg. Due to the never receding cases of spinal illnesses, back surgeries are being considered as good sources of financial incentives for a number of medical establishments. But are these treatments absolutely necessary? In most cases, no!

Constant pain in the spine might not always require a cervical fusion, or a decompression or even a laminectomy. It could just as well be healed by a chiropractor who knows and understands the spine and has good faith. Passive physiotherapy or spinal manipulation is not only more effective in dealing with a majority of complaints but are also quite cheaper as compared to rather expensive and avertable surgeries.

Chiropractic care is what most are either uninformed of or ignore. But, in reality, these less invasive treatments bring about better results and healthier spines. So, the next time your back hurts, think about which imminent help would suit you best; an inexpensively effective spinal manipulative therapy, or a not-so-inevitable orthopedic spine surgery?

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