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Pregnancy Back Pain – Here is How We Treat It

During pregnancy, back pains are quite common among women. Medical research explains it as a condition caused by the meeting of the spine with the pelvis due to weight and pressure exerted on the pelvic muscles. This expectancy discomfort is very common in almost all women. However, it mostly occurs in the last trimester when the baby is all grown. Sleepless nights and difficulty when moving around are one of the major effects of pregnancy back pains, let’s see what exactly causes these conditions. Despite the fact that almost all women experience back pains during pregnancy whether earlier or late, back pains are associated with several factors all depending on their general weight or had such a condition before pregnancy


During expectancy, hormones are released and they soften the ligaments around the pelvis in preparation for the birth process. The loosening of these joint muscles affects your back support causing normal back pains.

Your posture is a key factor. Poor posture triggers pain due to prolonged straining of your back. Bending or standing for too long exerts soo much pressure on your back muscles causing pain.

As your baby matures in the uterus, it affects the posture of the mother. A slight forward slanted position and your center of gravity cause back pains.

Stress mostly affects the weak areas in your body. The female pelvis is most affected, due to the changes during the stressful periods of your pregnancy, you may experience increased pains in your lower back.

Though sometimes it is quite rare, some females gain weight during pregnancy and this body weighs causes pain on your lower back.


  • A sharp pain that radiates throughout your body even when walking.
  • It becomes difficult to stand straight without experiencing pains
  • Dumbness or general weakness in your groin
  • From the base of your neck to the tailbone, you may experience stiffness or sharp persistent pain.
  • Though the sharp pain in your lower back especially after lifting heavy objects could be a sign of serious life-threatening conditions like heart attack, it is a symptom of back pain for expectant females.
  • When sitting or standing, sharp pain in the middle or lower back is experienced.

Treatment for Back Pain due to Pregnancy

Regular exercise ensures flexibility of muscles and highly reduces stress on your spine. For expectant women, exercises include swimming, stationary cycling or even walking for short distances. It is important to maintain a strong back and abdomen.

Divide up items you want to carry and eat proteins so that it speeds up the healing process. Avoid some activities like mopping or vacuuming, adequate rest is important.

Wear comfortable shoes. When your belly is all grown, your heels is the worst idea you can imagine since it gives you a very serious back arch and even increases your chances of falling. They could cause very serious back pains or injury to your pelvic muscles. Flat shoes ensure that you maintain a straight posture and distribute your body weight evenly such that the pain is reduced.

The use of hot and cold temperature treatment is not common but may prove to be of so much help for expectant mothers since they cant exercise especially during their last trimester. The procedure is quite simple. Use cold substance on your lower back for about three days then switch to heat on the painting area during pregnancy. You will be shocked by the wonders it works on your back.

Straining of your back through slouching or any form of strenuous activity is the most common cause of back pain. The first step to healing is maintaining proper sitting and sleeping posture. For instance, sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees relieves stress from your back. A support belt also helps a lot.

Manipulation of the spine (chiropractic) if done correctly is safe and helpful during pregnancy though it is very important to consult your doctor before any form of chiropractic care.

In general, many pregnant women tend to slump their shoulders causing an uneven arch in the back, this strains your spine, prolonged sitting and even standing for too long. Proper sitting posture, supporting your back while sitting and not walking for too long reduces back pain during expectancy. When you already have them, it is wise to avoid movements that make the pain worse. It makes it easier to heal. After understanding all the symptoms, causes and treatment, expectant mothers can now breath easily since they know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

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