Revolutionary technology for treating back pain, neck and a wide range of ailments through chiropractic spine adjustment and alternative methods to treat spine related issues.

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Our Services

Our comprehensive knowledge and skills are implemented for your well-being. Eminent doctors at Pulstar Spine Clinic provide the best solution to overcome pain effectually.

An examination is done to know your current health condition. Appropriate treatment is provided for your overall health. X-Ray, MRI and CT scan are performed for better analysis.

Chiropractic Care
You can expect best chiropractic care, which includes spinal adjustments, neck manipulation, massage therapy and various other techniques for your health.

Impulse Spine Analyser
Back pain can be caused due to a number of reasons, including irritated or damaged nerves, strained muscles, injured bones or ligaments or damaged spinal discs! But until now, chiropractic professionals only had their expert knowledge and their patient’s symptoms to rely on in order to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. With the help of Impulse Spine Analysis technology, our Chiropractor is able to isolate a problem area in the patient’s spine faster and more accurately. Impulse Spine Analyser technology helps to deliver a series of accurate, computer-controlled, gentle impulses to free up joint fixations, relieve muscle spasms, and restore normal joint function. The use of this technology does NOT hurt the patient at all. Chiropractors only use the lightest force needed to correct the problem.

Spinal Correction for Absolute Health
Best spinal correction is made for your gradual relief. Pulstar Spine Clinic provides the best service to patients with clear analysis. With superior chiropractic techniques, patients can respond well at each stage. Our chiropractic techniques are safer and bring wholesome relief to you. Our team are well trained and experienced much. The team has provided relief to many patients with a systematic approach.

Body Irregularities and Exercises
After clear examination, we check the irregularities in the body. We will study the cause and effect in the body. Healthy exercise tips provided after completion of treatment. You can perform this task at home to avoid any risk in the future.

Better Lifestyle
We provide scientific advice to take care of yourself for a healthy spine and neck. We are keen to help you with a better lifestyle. We guide you, not to welcome any unnecessary risks in the future.

Healthy Posture
Improving posture helps in avoiding risks any further. We help you to choose ergonomic furniture for better posture. Working overtime in front of the computers results in pain. Back braces and spine support helps a lot for healthy back and neck. We provide the best advice for degenerative spine conditions even.

Degenerative Cases
This is very common in older people. We follow gentle methods for your relief from pain.

Massage Therapy
Our best treatment helps in healing from musculoskeletal pain. Our massage therapy is included in chiropractic care. Of course, there are benefits in massage therapy. There will be clear blood circulation and helps in lessening bulge. Hence, there many benefits to your wellbeing. It is medically proven that single time massage therapy helps in improving your resistance to much extent.

Nutritional Counselling
Nutritional counseling is provided to an individual to heal from pain gradually. Best supplements and vitamins are prescribed to patients. Following as per the nutrition chart brings you better results.