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May 2018

What is Sciatica? Sciatica or Lumbar Radiculopathy is a symptom of a “pinched sciatic nerve”. The sciatica symptoms (listed below) differ depending on where the nerve is pinched. A large range of symptoms results from lower back disorders (between L4 to S1 level lumbar segment). Symptoms include pain and weakness in the lower back, down the back of the leg and into the calf and feet.It is important to remember that

Prenatal discomfort was difficult to bear. With the hormones going haywire, the additional hip and back pains made her vexed and irritated. Tensions caused regular headaches and she was not comfortable with her lower back pain. ‘Pain-free pregnancy’ is but a matter of imagination is what she thought. Regular visits to the gynecologist were definitely helping her, but she wanted to deliver the baby without stress and continue to have

So, why did our clients visit us? How did they get to know about the results of chiropractic treatment? Let’s cite existent cases where our treatments have not just provided short-term pain relief, but also helped our patients develop a better lifestyle.Aradhna developed back pain while on a trip, and it excruciates resulting in a numbing pain in her right leg. After a mere 2 weeks of treatment she says,

Introduction Chiropractic is a method of healthcare whose focus lies in correcting and optimizing disorders related to bones, spine, joints, and nerves. Unlike Allopathic and Homeopathic treatments which cure illness through surgery and drugs, Chiropractic involves manipulation of the body structure using hands. This method has no side effects. The Chiropractor first studies the history of the patient, diagnoses and predicts a combination of treatment to be applied to the patient.

  Chiropractors do chiropractic treatment. They are health providers who are trained to diagnose and treat neuromuscular disorders through manual adjustments and spine manipulation. They seek to minimize pain and improve the functionality of the human body. They also advise their patients on how they can take care of themselves using proper diet, exercises, and other therapies. Every chiropractor might have his or her individual philosophies and methods regarding the treatment. Hence,

Chiropractic is a treatment for curing ailments using manual adjustments. A lot of stuff is floating around the internet pointing the risks involved in this process but in reality, Chiropractic care is entirely safe and efficient. It is much safer than the antibiotics and surgery to which we resort to cure our injury. This method also complements in curing other medical conditions for overall musculoskeletal health and well-being.Numerous studies conducted

Chiropractic care can treat a multitude of disorders in the human body. It can help you get relief from your symptoms, correct your posture and render a sound health overall. In today's world, the cost of conventional medical care is skyrocketing. With increasing cost, it becomes nearly impossible for an individual to avail these services.  Good news, chiropractic care is not very expensive and within the reach of middle-class families. Back

Lower back pain is a very common problem among the adult population. It can be caused due to several reasons and connected to complex networks like the spine, nerves, bones, tendons or ligaments. Small injuries will heal in a day or two, but complex ones might require complete health treatment. Chiropractic care is the favorite method when it comes to treating back pain. It is cheap, effective and has no

 Neck pain is quite regular among people. Mild ones could be a result of sleeping with a bad posture or working for long hours with the head bent down but it could be serious when the pain is due to other factors such as damaged joint, irritated nerves or any disease. Your neck hurts bad when you make any movement with your head.A stiff neck would recover itself in a day