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The Science Behind a Curved Spine

Well, was the spine ever straight? Actually, no! The spinal cord, or what we lovingly call the ‘spine’ has its own natural curves. These bends are meant to absorb stress, caused due to the movement of the body, and also keep the figure balanced when gravity acts on it. But, there are cases when the spine curves more than its natural state, leading to a poor posture, discomfort, pain. There is certainly an elaborate description of the ailment you could find in medical books, but let us enlighten you in a language even a layman could understand.

There are 3 major disorders that could be found out by mere X-raying. The inward curving of the spine at the lower back is termed ‘Lordosis’. An oddly rounded upper back is known as ‘Kyphosis’. And, an exaggerated sideways curve is called ‘Scoliosis’. While there are multiple cases where such abnormality occurs due to poor vertebrae development, mostly at birth, arthritis, and osteoporosis contribute a lot towards it too.

While the severity of the issue could only be determined by a thorough examination and also by studying the family history, some of it could be judged through experience as well. An uneven waist, or a tendency to lean at one side, or a visibly higher shoulder could shout out Scoliosis. Excessive fatigue, a hump, or a constant bent forward could well be signs of Kyphosis. And, Lordosis is nearly confirmed when the patient is lying straight on a hard floor, and we see a significant gap between the floor and the back.

What’s the cure then, and how to achieve a healthier spine? Well, exercise, nutrition, and a proper posture are what is recommended as prevention. Bracing and surgery, mostly fusion and Kyphoplasty is what is done to cure. While that is just precisely a mere definition of it, read more about spinal disorders, and chiropractic healing at Pulstar Spine Clinic

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