Revolutionary technology for treating back pain, neck and a wide range of ailments through chiropractic spine adjustment and alternative methods to treat spine related issues.

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A Pulstar Spine Clinic

Who are Chiropractors?


Chiropractors do chiropractic treatment. They are health providers who are trained to diagnose and treat neuromuscular disorders through manual adjustments and spine manipulation. They seek to minimize pain and improve the functionality of the human body. They also advise their patients on how they can take care of themselves using proper diet, exercises, and other therapies.

Every chiropractor might have his or her individual philosophies and methods regarding the treatment. Hence, it becomes essential to choose the right chiropractor, and this could be challenging. They practice privately, but some also work in institutions dealing with neurology related treatments.

They are not medical doctors but categorized under DC, which is Doctor of Chiropractic. After under graduating and acquiring four years of the pre-medical degree, they undergo specialized training at a Chiropractic College. A considerable amount of time is spent grasping the manipulation and adjustment techniques. Their training lasts over 4200 hours. The state accredits these Chiropractic Colleges, and they are genuine. They specialize in Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Internal Disorders, Spinal Disorders, Sports Med, Nutrition, Neurology, and Forensic science.

How to find one Chiropractor?

Your initial search should begin with someone who has gone to a Chiropractor. Ask your friends and relatives who have undergone a chiropractic treatment especially abroad because, in India, chiropractic care is uncommon. Any of your friends and relatives working abroad will have knowledge about the benefits of chiropractic. This system of health care is standard in the USA, UK, and Australia. Their recommendation will be better and trustworthy. Take all suggestions, but your last search depends on the type of help you are looking for. If many people suggest a particular chiropractor, there is a possibility he or she is the one you are looking for. But make sure you do your research before meeting one.

Starting the treatment at the Chiropractor:

Book, a face to face consultation at the chiropractor’s office, to learn more about his philosophies, methodologies and convince yourself if he or she should be your therapist. Make yourself comfortable and enquire if you have any doubts regarding the treatment. If you are meeting him for headaches, or neck pain, be very particular about the symptoms. This will help the chiropractor diagnose you better.

Your treatment at the Chiropractor starts with full body examination to find out which areas of your body is experiencing pain. This includes examining the spine by taking X-Rays. This helps the DC to study the soft tissues and body anatomy surrounding the target area.

After making necessary assessments, the chiropractor will develop a treatment plan based on:

  • Degree of injury
  • Condition of spine
  • Health condition

Interact and maintain a doctor-patient relationship. Tell what you want, relief or improvement of general health; accordingly, your chiropractor will devise the treatment routine. You don’t have to worry about any side effects or post-treatment injuries because chiropractic is one of the safest treatment procedures out there.

Contact your chiropractor now.

Pulstar Spine Clinic – India’s first Chiropractic Clinic Chain. Phone: +91 901 966 1100; Mobile: +91 99452 47200. Address: #602, 2nd Cross, III Block Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 034. To know more visit: http://pulstarspineclinic.com

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