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Chiroractic vs. Physical Therapy

What is Chiropractic Care? What is Physical Therapy Care?

These questions are asked often by professionals and lay people all over the world. Would be patients who experience musculoskeletal pain especially due to post physical trauma like a car accident, sports injury or repetitive stress ask these controversial questions. They also ask just who do I see to solve my problem. Before defining and comparing and contrasting, patients will always choose which discipline will give them the most HOPE for relief and healing.

Let us start with Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy is designed to give balance to the body with the adjunct of stretching, resistive exercises, endurance training, aspects of the range of motion exercises. This all may include the following: Pilates; weight training; swimming; intensive active and passive stretching; and yoga.

Chiropractic is designed to restore the balance of the body and improve function by adjusting the vertebra of the spine and other joints of the body to remove nerve interference thus restoring the natural communication between the brain and the body using the central and peripheral nervous systems.

The primary problem in all patients is dysfunction of health. The nervous system must be without interference so there is a function which means health.

Both Chiropractic and Physical therapy have their place in helping patients get well. One can not say it is better than the other.

However, all patients must first seek chiropractic care first. Why? The primary problem is centered in the spine. The spine goes through many traumas and is weight bearing so gravity over time plays a big role in its deformities as in degenerative changes that create more pain and muscle imbalances.

Once the spine is addressed with chiropractic adjustments to the spine and other joints of the extremities if needed, then the adjunct of physical therapy plays a huge role in the total healing experience for patients. So in seeking chiropractic care the problem shall be discovered and explained with resolution. The solution first is to correct the spinal misalignments and allow the nervous system to be restored and to promote healing. This gives the body power and function due to the next indicated step: strengthening, stretching, and endurance training which is a healing offer by physical therapy.

In Conclusion Chiropractic and Physical Therapy work together very well for the total healing experience for all patients. It is important to explain the differences and the common goals of healing from both Chiropractic and Physical Therapy to the patient when asked so the truth is always known and the patient receives the greatest gift: HOPE.

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