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Pelvic Griddle Pain

Pelvic Gridle Pain

Our bodies are designed in a way that some parts, unfortunately, carry more weights compared to others. This could be due to extra exerted pressure on specific parts. The pelvic girdle which is a ring-like structure made up of complex bones that connects the trunk and the legs help ensure balance and since it is connected to the spine, it becomes very sensitive to weights exerted. This kind of pain is more common in women than in men. The bony pelvis is made to withstand weight exerted on our body such that we maintain stability. We all have experienced pelvis pains sometime, right? Buckle up and Let me take you through some of the causes, the common symptoms and even most importantly, how to treat the pains.

Pelvic Girdle Pain
Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

What Causes Pelvic Girdle Pain?

Pregnancy is a beautiful feminine experience, a pride for women. The pelvic girdle pain has no exact causes but pregnancy is one of the most common explanations related to the pain. Due to contradictory information on its causes, the most used explanations appear to come from a history of similar conditions in the past. Findings from a trusted source show that during the early days of pregnancy, women experience poor muscle function on the pelvic girdle. This cause is associated with other severe back pains during pregnancy, labor or a few weeks after delivery.

Ankylosing spondylitis an inflammatory chronic deficiency that cause stiffening of the spinal joints. Research has proven that the condition involves uneasy or total difficulty in using your pelvic bones during movement. Many people diagnosed with these conditions experience pains in the sacroiliac region or low back. The problem lacks an exact cause but is known to develop from vigorous or pressure, the involvement of the sacroiliac joints.

Fracture is a traumatic injury on a bony part of the body. Though not frequent, the pelvic girdle can fracture in different locations. A severe muscle strain can actually cause much pain when the muscle is separated from the bone and it affects a piece of the pelvis. Those mostly affects are teens mostly during sporting and elderly people due to aging-related illnesses. With surgical care, a broken pelvis will heal no matter how swollen and bruised it is.

Cancer- there is two severe pelvis bone related bone cancers. The primary bone cancer which develops in the bone though it is quite rare. Other types spread from other organs to the pelvic girdle causing intense pain.

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Symptoms of Pelvic Girdle Pain

There are several ways you can tell if y the pains you experience are caused by the pelvic girdle. Some of this include, sharp pain that radiates down your buttocks and legs

  • Pain in your hips
  • The symphysis pubis joint is achy
  • Difficulty in performing particular movements like sitting or any form, of weight-bearing activity.
  • Strenuous work out cause it to flare up.
  • In several cases, one may experience pain in the groin and while urinating
  • Vaginal bleeding for women and pain during intercourse for men

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    Pelvic Girdle Pain Treatment

    We actually cannot control pelvic girdle pains sometimes but we definitely have ways to treat them. The agonizing back pains cause total discomfort.

    Adequate rest is required after lifting of heavy objects since overworking your back only cause more damage to your pelvic girdle.

    Maintaining an upright posture or sitting posture while working is very advisable. It eases the strain on your back caused by prolonged bending.

    Frequent exercises that strengthen your back help both prevent and treat back pains.

    Though it might seem minor, keeping your legs together when rising from your sitting position helps ease the weight exerted on your pelvis.

    In case of a minor pelvis injury, use of crutches or any form of walking support helps to take a lot of weight from achy back relieving pain.

    Medication is the most preferred method, both over the counter or doctor prescribed. Elderly individuals with a serious health condition may not be able to use other treatment methods so certain drugs are administered.

    Surgery may as well be an option if serious injury is acquired either from accidents or strenuous hard work. The surgery will mostly place metal pins, plates and screws to help heal the fractured pelvic bone.

    Alignment of the spine and the pelvic girdle bones is helped by a proper sitting posture and frequent stretches to maintain the proper positioning of the spine.

    Massage- when do not loosen up muscles through exercise, they become sore and tight. Using a special professional technique, a proper massage mostly around the lower back helps loosen your muscles and set the hip bone back to its place

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