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Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a method of improving physical function, directly influencing a patient’s quality of life by means of various movements, exercises, electric or light therapy.
Used as a method of primary care, physiotherapy generally involves using mechanical force, therapies, exercises, electrotherapy, and specific body part movements to treat various issues emerging from mobility, correcting body postures, rehabilitation of body parts after accidents are some of the major reason for which they are prescribed to the patients in dealing with the diagnosis.

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Physiotherapy may be considered as a treatment of choice for certain medical conditions. While in others, it may be used in adjunct to medical or surgical treatment. Physiotherapy has specializations in the following fields:

• Geriatrics – physical therapy for elderly patients, especially those who are bed-ridden or suffering from illnesses like Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s, arthritis and so on. Physiotherapy helps to reduce bladder and bowel incontinence in such elderly patients who do not have any underlying neurological pathology.

• Orthopedics – certain cases which do not require surgery can be managed effectively with physiotherapy along with medications for pain management. On the other hand, physiotherapy has a positive role in the rehabilitation of patients following orthopedic surgeries.

• Cardio-respiratory illnesses – primary aim is to rehabilitate the cardiac and respiratory muscles of the patient. Rehabilitation after a heart attack is as important as maintaining a good diet and regimen. There is documented evidence on the role of physiotherapy in illnesses like COPD, bronchial asthma, and cystic fibrosis.

• Neurology – physiotherapy is a useful tool in the rehabilitation of persons who have had strokes, brain infarcts, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other palsies or neuropathies.

• Pediatrics – in children having congenital or acquired disorders or developmental delays.

• Sports medicine – for acute care and diagnosis of an injury, rehabilitation and further prevention of similar injuries.

• Palliative care – improving the quality of life for patients suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses. Pain management, especially in cancer, is a necessity today.

• Occupational health – physiotherapists are being appointed at workplaces too. This is to support health, rehabilitate from injuries and maintain well being of workers and provide necessary help.

• Women’s health – to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, to help reduce episodes of dysmenorrheal and to regulate the menstrual cycle.

• Trauma – physiotherapy is known to aid quick recovery after an accident or any other trauma. Occasionally counseling may be required along with physiotherapy to achieve the desired recovery.

The best advantage of physiotherapy is that it is not necessarily practiced in a hospital or clinic settings. Physiotherapy can be practiced even at the comfort of one’s residence, at parks, in schools and colleges or rehabilitation centers.

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A physiotherapist is a person qualified to administer physiotherapy. A trained physiotherapist can carry out the following techniques:
• Joint mobilization and manipulation – the passive movement of target joint in order to relieve pain or stiffness, immobile or hypermobile joints. This includes mobility exercises and use of tractions.

• Muscle energy techniques – this aims at improving musculoskeletal and joint functions. A wide range of techniques come under this term indications of this technique are:

  1. muscular atrophy or shortening of muscles
  2. restricted the range of movements
  3. respiratory dysfunction
  4. Cervicogenic headaches and many more.

• Instrumented soft tissue mobilization – a wide range of tools are implemented to increase flexibility and strength of joints and muscles. This needs to be followed by regular stretches and home exercises as advised by your physiotherapist. Instrumented mobilization is used in conditions like:

  1. Tendinopathies
  2. Rotator cuff injuries
  3. Plantar fasciitis
  4. IT band syndrome

• Muscle stretching including basic stretches, Pilates, and yoga.

• Neurodynamics – in this technique, a physiotherapist can assess the extent of the functioning of your nervous system. A wide range of exercises is then implemented to improve a specific area of the defect. Conditions in which neurodynamics is used are:

  1. Sciatica
  2. Neck and shoulder pain
  3. Tennis elbow
  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Massages, acupuncture or dry needle techniques

• Real-time ultrasound physiotherapy – this method is used to treat conditions like:

  1. Pregnancy back pain
  2. Sciatica
  3. Low back pain along with abdominal pain
  4. Shoulder, hip and knee pain
  5. Flat foot

• Taping – application of a thin, cotton tape over the affected area. Taping renders a patient pain free immediately and improves movement while stabilizing the affected part. Taping techniques are useful in the following conditions:

  1. Sprains
  2. Swelling of the injured area
  3. Muscle fatigue and cramps
  4. Lymphadenopathy

Apart from this wide array of techniques, a physiotherapist will also help you in improving posture and suggest some range of exercises which can be practiced at regular intervals at home. This helps individuals to function more effectively.

Physiotherapy has become increasingly popular especially in the urban areas where people recognize and realize the importance of physiotherapy over medications.

There are several types of research conducted which prove the effectiveness of physiotherapy in a wide variety of medical conditions. Continuous work of research in the field of physiotherapy is widening its application day-by-day.

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    Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore – 20 Years Skill Can’t Go Wrong

    Physiotherapy is provided in case of issues that range from musculoskeletal, Injuries from sports, pediatrics, cardio-respiratory, women’s health, Aged population, and main rehabilitation after accidents and surgeries that require specific movements of the body parts respectively. If you are searching for the best physiotherapists in Bangalore, you should check us out.

    Physiotherapy Treatment Process at Pulstar  Spine Clinic

    In the first session, the Physiotherapist will evaluate your present conditions, pain status and movement that corresponds that are causing problems in your daily life. All the past history, medicinal and any related information are to be provided for avoiding any misdiagnosis.

    Once the pain areas are diagnosed, they might ask you to do specific exercise on the daily routine to get better body postures that will benefit the affected part of the long-term solution. After broken & fracture of the bones and joints Physiotherapy is recommended by all medical professionals throughout the world.

    Main Benefits that Physiotherapist provides their utmost care include:

    • An improved, active and healthier lifestyle

    • Better Pain Management

    • Non-surgical and drug-free methodology

    • Increasing strength, mobility and joint coordination for cardio-respiratory function

    • Primary recommended for a patient recovering from injuries to spinal cord, legs, hands, joints, stroke, heart and lung disease & other various post-surgical procedures

    • Electrotherapy

    • Arthritis and Joint Pain management

    • Neuro-Rehabilitation is one emerging scope

    The Scientific Basis

    Kinesiology the complete study of the human body movements is the scientific basis on which these physiotherapies activities are based. These rehabilitations allow quick recovery of the body movements as per the prognosis. Human Behavioral sciences and its daily physical routine exercises make the body to mold into their respective motion. Physiotherapy offers scientifically proven methods that have proven to treat pain and injuries with utmost management.
    You can ask for consultation and session as per recommended to you, also can get treated for a specific area in private sessions accordingly. Kinesiotaping, Pilates, and Dry Needle are also available to treat the patient as per requirements. With premium care for patients, there’s a reason why we are regarded as one of the top physiotherapists in Bangalore.

    Choosing Our Clinic, Choose The Best Care For You