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Is chiropractic care expensive?

Chiropractic care can treat a multitude of disorders in the human body. It can help you get relief from your symptoms, correct your posture and render a sound health overall. In today’s world, the cost of conventional medical care is skyrocketing. With increasing cost, it becomes nearly impossible for an individual to avail these services.  Good news, chiropractic care is not very expensive and within the reach of middle-class families.

Back pains, neck pains, and other musculoskeletal disorders not only hamper your health but with it lower your productivity and quality of life. Taking medical care for these disorders could burn a hole in your pocket, but Chiropractic treatment reduces the average expenditure as it is cheaper and efficient too. It is one of the reasons Chiropractic is gaining popularity.

You must be wondering, “Why there is a difference in prices in these two methods?”, The answer lies in the rates of diagnosing, medicine and treatment. In the case of Chiropractic treatment, there is no use of medical equipment, prescription or medicine. This is why its’ cost is 90% lesser than traditional medical procedures. Health insurances also cover this treatment. It is one of the most cost-effective treatments which you might want to undergo to get rid of your misery.

Medical Treatment vs. Chiropractic Treatment

In the case of MEDICAL TREATMENT, the first consultation charges might range from Rs. 300-1000. This will be followed by diagnosis by X-Ray and other methods. A typical X-ray would cost you Rs.300-900 depending on how big is your X-Ray. MRI scan would cost Rs. 12000 while blood tests might range from Rs. 100-6000 depending on your health condition. Medicines are not so costly and will be between Rs. 300-1000(depending on the course duration and brand molecule. This is the standard approach to diagnosing and treating in medical science.

For major diseases depending on the MRI reports. Surgery might become essential. A conventional surgery will cost around 1.5 lakh depending on the severity of illness, surgeon, hospital, and the procedure. That is a lot of money.

Recovery time from surgery could be a 2 to 4 week rest. This leads to a loss in productive time, and you will miss your work. Post-surgery physiotherapies and medicine cost is again high. Not just yours but your attendant also loses his time and money.

But the charges are much lower in CHIROPRACTIC treatment. How much your chiropractor would charge you varies. For minor disorders, therapies will be conducted daily or thrice a week for 2-6 weeks. This calculates to a total of 14-25 sessions. Each session will cost you between Rs. 200 to Rs. 600 and thus the total fees go to Rs.3000 – Rs.15000. According to American Chiropractic Association (ACA), this treatment is a tax-deductible expense. You might be called in for many sessions, and hence, the estimated cost will be given by your doctor on your first meeting. You might also get lucky with some discounts.

From the overall comparison, we can conclude that chiropractic treatment is both time-saving and cost-effective both in preventive and curative stages. It must be kept in mind that not all cases can be helped by a chiropractor especially the highly degenerated ones. Thus, having a chiropractor as a part of your treatment is crucial.

Which chiropractors are worth visiting?

Chiropractors with more years of practice will charge you more because they have refined their skills by treating dozens of patients and are reliable. They have more resources invested in their training and are already occupied by several clients. For these reasons, people prefer going to an experienced chiropractor even if it costs them a little more. You can lower your expenses by undergoing treatment from a less experienced doctor, but you might want to stick with an experienced one.

Most of the times you will be asked to deposit the fee through installments. Some may even ask for full payment before the treatment. You should clarify this with your practitioner so that you finalize on a method of payment, hard cash or credit card.

The duration of your treatment depends on the severity of the patient’s health. Spend an ample amount of time researching on chiropractors to settle on the best and affordable one. Take a recommendation from other doctors and choose the best one. Don’t choose one in haste.

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